Another Internet GENIUS

Undoubtably, all of you who have and use Facebook (so… all of you?) are already well aware of the best “texts from ____” Tumblr ever made, Texts From Bennett. If you’re not, do yourself a favor, and check out the hilarity right now.

Absolute unintentional genius (click the image for even more). I would love to get Bennett's number to get some of these pieces of pure gold for myself.

What is truly amazing about this Tumblr is not only Bennett and his phenomenal spelling and keen worldly observations, but that his cousin, the guy who made the site in the first place, put out two huge internet phenomenons in one week. What is the other unbelievable mind-blowing thing he’s put out into the interweb, you may ask… And more importantly, could it really measure up to Texts From Bennett?

Judge for yourself. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the most incredible white rapper I’ve heard since Eminem. He flow is so damn fast it kicks Busta’s ass! It’s UN. FUCKING. REAL.


Mac Lethal, everybody:

Without any flow of her own,

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