In case you weren’t already in the mood

CHRISTMAS is in less that a month. Which means the radio finally grows some and starts playing some amazing holiday pop. I being so inspired decided to post some of my favorites.

ENJOY or you don’t love the holidays which means you have no soul. (#hereslookingatyougrinch)

First up is Christmas in Harlem by Kanye + friends. In a world where Hip-Holiday isn’t really a legit field, this is a great jam. Laidback and warm Kanye  and company (too many people for me to actually list them) offers up some aural hot chocolate.

Next up: All I Want For Christmas is You by Mariah Carey. This song should literally be featured in hymnal, this song is like beyond classic. It is a sure-fire sign we are in Yuletimes. Since the day after Thanksgiving I have had this song be my wake up song. Also if you listen to the Justin Beiber version, you lose your right to listen to music.

For every 7-year-old girl in 1998, N*Sync makes you squeal in happiness and this song makes you takes you back. Ignore Gary Coleman and enjoy this quintessential 90’s jam.

For those who like to cry around Christmas, this Maroon 5 cover of Happy Christmas (War is Over) is literally beautiful.

Either way, have a most happy of holidays, from blackinthecac


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