Tufts Club Night Round Two

Who wants to get freaky again at Tommy Doyle’s????  For those who didn’t go last time, Tufts club night is a saucy time for Tufts students, random Cambridge townies, and the Harvard Rugby Team, to come together and drink their faces off. Tonight is the second installation of this wonderful and new tradition. Come before 11:30pm and you won’t have to pay a cover. Unfortunately, from 9:30 until then, local rock bands will be playing their renditions of 90’s rock songs we don’t know the lyrics to. But that’s what the bar’s for, and once 11:30 comes, it’s sexy house music dance time.

Now girls, I know what you’re thinking…maybe I’ll find my future Harvard grad husband!!! Unfortunately the Harvard Rugby team likes to wear the same shirts and hats, not only wreaking of uniformity, but also further confusing us about which guy we just spent the last 5 minutes talking to. I’d advise you instead, to wear your dancing pants and work up an appetite cause there’s a 24 hour ihop next to the bar and imma want some pancakes after all dat dancing ya hurd?

One thought on “Tufts Club Night Round Two

  1. Can I just say that I had my id taken at Tommy Doyle’s in Harvard Square a week ago (the night before Thanksgiving…really??) and I will forever hold a grudge against this fine establishment. If you see anyone masquerading around the Square as Emily Leinbach from Madison, Wisconsin, tell them to suck a big one.

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