This Week at Hamilton

With less than three weeks to go one would imagine the campus would be as bland as the butternut-pumpkin soup served in the pub today #richkidschoolproblems. Alas, this is not the case. Sexist articles in the Spectator, quasi prostitution (it’s for the kids), and ugly sweaters have made for quite the interesting week, and it’s about time you all heard about it!


No shame here

Now I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas but I for one do, and thus love Christmas music. Last night all of the Orientation Leaders got together to exchange gifts and rage to Mariah Carey. The football team and dance team co-hosted a happening ugly sweater party. Holiday lights are up all around the campus and everything is so festive!


Hockey Team Date Auction

Some of you may have read my post on the citrus bowl last week and know all about our spectacular annual hockey game. But this year, to raise money for the Golisano Children’s Hospital in Syracuse, the hockey team whored themselves out volunteered to be auctioned off as dates for lucky ladies (and gents *wink*). This event raised over $600, a whopping $600 more than any of us could have imagined it raising! Some of the lads went for 10 dollars, others for prices in the mid-70’s. And in a shocking turn of events even the trés cute assistant coach was auctioned off for a mere 50-somewhat dollars #hesmarriedgirls.

Get it girlllllll

Eternal love here, get your eternal love here!

Awkward Spectator Article

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions #canigetanamen? But when those opinions cross the boundaries of awkward and wander into the realm of offensive sexism someone needs to call shenanigans. In a recent spectator article, Jeremy Adelman ’13 voiced his concerns regarding men’s rights. As a man of 20 years, I found his article appalling and hope that all of the student body, and you readers, understand that these are the beliefs of one person. This article is blowing up my news feed (Who does this guy think he is, Chuck Testa?) and I think the outcry of disgusted students gives all of us a refreshing reminder of how great most of the student body at HamTech is.


Planning for January Orientation has begun. This is when we welcome the most amazing members of the student body to campus, the Jans! Jans are freshman who start in the second semester but, in most cases, spend their first semester studying together in London or doing other badass stuff around the US. Spoiler Alert: I was a Jan.

Not London, but Jans and the UK

Sooooooooo, yeah! Until next time y’all!

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