Christmas Jams pt. 2

Maybe it’s just the Reindog Parade, or the way overpriced wreaths at Stop and Shop, but I’m going to jump on the Holiday spirit train with blackinthecac and post a couple of my favorite Christmas songs/traditions/food/movies/crafts from Martha Stuart Living.

The Killers is one of my favorite bands of all time ever. Right up there with No Doubt and Spoon (I have an… eclectic taste in music). This Christmas-inspired tune always puts me in the best mood… The kind of mood where I could imagine myself actually getting excited when the forecast calls for several feet of unforgiving snow.

Disclaimer: I just watched the video to this for the first time ever, and it kind of baffled me, but Brandon Flowers is such a god damn panty-dropper.

Next up is a little jam that comes from the awesome disco-regge band Boney M. If you’re not-so-much feeling the snow/if you’re from Jamaica, then you’re going to really dig this, mahn.


I thought I’d break up my list of Christmas music with an easy-to-do microwavable recipe for this Christmas Classic: Peppermint Bark!


I feel like you’d have to be a total moron to not be able to figure out how to make this sweet treat, but it would be stupid on my part to assume that some people who go to ‘cac schools aren’t morons (I know there are plenty out there, myself included). So. Here’s a moron-proof recipe:

  1. Get a dish (baking pan would be even better, but you could use a table for all I care) and line it with Wax Paper
  2. Microwave a bag of white chocolate chips (take them out of the bag first) for like 45 seconds, stir, then repeat until they are totally melted
  3. Put peppermint candy/candy canes/whatever candy you like in a bag and whack with your Bio textbook until crushed
  4. Spread melted chocolate on wax paper
  5. Sprinkle candy on top of said chocolate and let cool until hardened
  6. Break into pieces once cooled
  7. Eat your finals stress away!

If you want to  be super fancy, you can mix up the kind of chocolate you melt, but that is for really talented and experienced microwave chefs only.

Our next song is a duet with Ingrid Michaelson and Sarah Bareillis, and if you’re a truly ‘cac-y girl, you’re already flipping out and in love with it (indie singer-songwriter, much?). Listen to this eargasm:

Jews, I’m realizing all of my holiday traditions are very Christmas-y (makes sense since that’s what I celebrate), and I’m sorry if you feel left out… here’s a little something something for you:


Unfortunately, I don’t really have any good internet-sharable traditions or Martha Stuart Living crafts (and as far as movies are concerned, there’s only one Christmas movie that matters and that is, of course, Christmas Vacation), so my intro was a little misleading, and I think I’ve run out of good outside-of-the-box songs. SO I will leave you with a classic, sung by Will Forte as Natalie Portman from the movie Black Swan and Jane Krakowski dressed as former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver and Pennsylvania gubernatorial nominee Lynn Swann (they’re two black swans!):

Can I get you a cup of coffee? Absinthe enema?

Happy Holidays… is what terrorists say. MERRY CHRISTMAS,

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