These people obviously aren’t from the ‘Cac

In the last few weeks I’ve had some scary encounters with the news. The first incident occurred at my house with the local paper. The second was during an online procrastination perusal of the Christian Science Monitor. Apparently, a trend is starting to spread where states are passing (or trying to pass) bills that make it legal to carry guns on college campuses.

Family friendly, right?

Excuse me? Are you crazy?? Sure, give a ton of stressed out/periodically intoxicated/young college students (I think I’m still young) guns to run around with. Sounds like an awesome idea. And the worst part is, they use the Virginia Tech incident as evidence of needing this bill. It’s obvious, isn’t it? Let everyone have guns so when there is a shooting (which, I’m pretty sure, is going to happen more often with guns now being allowed on campus) everyone else can shoot at the shooter. It’s perfect.

Who needs the police anyway.

Perfectly stupid.

I don’t need no guns. I got intellectual firepower baby.

2 thoughts on “These people obviously aren’t from the ‘Cac

  1. When seconds count, the Police will be there in minutes. Colby allows guns on campus, albeit registered and stored with security. Colleges chat about our rights and then forget about the second one.

  2. I’m still not sure allowing guns on campus is the best way to save more lives. I’m glad Colby keeps track of things though.

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