My motivation…

I think they strategically place the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show at the beginning of December not only because they can generate insane amounts of cash-money due to holiday (not Christmas… because I’m super P.C.) sales but because they know it’s that time of year when us women whip out the ugly sweaters and the Ugg boots, covering up any last glimpse of what figure we acquired over the summer and early months of fall. We then let evolution take charge as we start to consume that food that may not be cohesive to a tight ass or skinny legs, but we say:

“Fuck it, not like anyone will be seeing my killer bod for the next few months, so I’ll eat this slice of pizza and work out later.”

Key word: later.

So that “later” turns into “tomorrow” which becomes “next week” only leading to, you guessed it! “next month” or even worse, “next spring,” just in time for SPRING BREAK ’12!! But let’s be real. Those hours at the gym in a month or two really can’t make up for all the ice cream and cookies you decided to eat because you were “hungry.”

The VS Fashion Show essentially slams the brakes on this runaway train that is our lack of self-control and makes us check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.

"Yeah it's cold but I'm so hot"

And for all of us up here in the ‘Cac when the winter season becomes oh-so-depressing and cold, this is an extra-special wake-up call to double-check that brownie you just grabbed on the way out of Commons or that piece of pie in a cup that I KNOW you just snatched from McEwen and ask yourself:

Dear Self,

How do you think Miranda Kerr landed Orlando Bloom AND the fantasy bra? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Just put the coconut-cream pie down and walk away slowly and no one will get hurt. I promise. 

Love, Your Body

So next time you’re craving something sugary or salty or deep-fried, just remind yourself. How do you think Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, and Alessandra Ambrosio look that good?


4 thoughts on “My motivation…

  1. Trust me, I have. Fine China and I actually discussed this. It’s like trying to get an A in a class where the teacher only gives out two A’s. I’ll save my effort for blogging and writing and take a B+ bod any day of the week.

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