Some good to share

Our school-wide “Fill-a-Truck” food drive (proceeds of which go to the Amherst Survival Center) is coming to an end this Wednesday. It’s part of President Obama’s “Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge” that Amherst has taken on. Thinking about and taking part in the drive (my teammates and I recently cleaned out a local Big-Y of it’s tomato sauce) made me 1) want to tell any Amherst kids who haven’t already donated peanut butter or canned chicken to do so ASAP and 2) to appreciate that students still help out the community even when there isn’t a 20 hour requirement to be fulfilled, like in high school.

Photo by Elodie Reed (Modeling by Super Hawt Teammates)

I’ve seen the collection sites all around campus – there’s a pretty good stock of canned goods at each one, and I continue to walk past people putting in their donations each day. It’s pretty awesome.

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