Moleskine vs. Reality

I have a Moleskine® agenda/diary/thingy that I like to use when I want to feel like I have my life entirely together and am a functioning member of society (so, let’s be generous and say, on average, once a month). However, my usage of said agenda/dairy/thing goes up about ten fold around finals period, mostly because I find that if I make a list about things I have to do, I feel incredibly productive (even when I don’t do anything on the list). I can’t be the only one who finds solace in list-making, right? I mean, I know Santa likes to make lists (‘n check ’em twice! #omgggxmas),  Schindler had a list, and Forbes keeps making very agreeable college ranking lists.

On my Google-fueled prowl to find other people who made lists, I found this on There is an 'improve' button, but I don't think it's necessary.

Anyway, in the spirit of procrastination that I think we’re all desperate for, I thought I’d share a couple of my past Molskine® to-do lists, and compare/contrast them with what I actually did that day.

12/3 Moleskine

  • HIST reading: Hass, Takeyh, Finish pckt 2
  • research!!!! also response paper(s?)
  • Clean fridge out 😦
  • conditioner?
  • *EMAIL Swoap re. Metabolism!!! <—!!!
  • hooks from container store
  • Phone case

12/3 Reality

  • Shower, put on cute outfit, get big bottle of cold water, and organize desk so that I can be as productive as I can be this afternoon!
  • Pick up history packet #2 and flip through all the readings I have not done. Pause at pages with pictures or diagrams to see if I can glean anything from the captions. I cannot. Also, Hass and Takeyh are pretty unfortunate last names. I wonder if they were ever teased as children…
  • Consider possible career in counseling for children who have been bullied
  • Google qualifications for said career; research in depth.
  • After reading qualifications, quickly dismiss possibility of counseling career.
  • Check Linkedin to make sure my resume is still up
  • Check Facebook, Twitter, In The ‘Cac, Crammys, and just because, hey, I might as well go through my normal social media circuit
  • Tweet something I think is absolutely hilarious
  • Facebook chat with blame_me for 20 minutes
  • Go back and read tweet, realize it is completely unfunny, and quickly delete
  • Check Moleskine for to-do list progress. Cross out HIST reading.
  • Google the topic for my research paper. Bookmark first five moderately academic looking links.
  • Send a shifty glare over to my fridge, decide to clean tomorrow instead. Cross off to-do list.
  • Check conditioner bottle and decide that I can definitely make it until break if I just shower every other day
  • Cross more things off list even though I haven’t done them
  • Facebook again. Nothing has happened. Just wanted to make sure.
  • OMG SOMEONE TWEETED AT ME! *favorite* *reply* *retweet* #goodday
  • Jot down notes re. my metabolism email in my to-do section for tomorrow. Why did I star that so many times? It’s not that important.
  • Container Store online shopping for half an hour. Spends $90, only $7 of which are on hooks
  • Online shop Forever21, make a killer cart for later
  • Online shop Apple store. Drool.
  • Online shop Amazon. Order book I will never read.
  • Online shop Victoria’s Secret. Immediately feel fat.
  • Put on workout clothes and vow to go to the gym
  • Go to dinner instead, but feel accomplished because workout outfit is cute, and guy from my Bio of Sports and Exercise said hi to me while I was wearing it. Plus leggings make butt cheeks not jiggle so much.
  • Shower. For the second time that day. Run out of conditioner.
  • Facebook again. Someone liked my comment. Eh.
  • Drop phone and put another ding in it’s case-less surface. Curse.
  • Watch some South Park on Netflix to ease the pain of a chipped phone, and to rewind after such a long day
  • Fall asleep and miss huge party I was super excited to go to. Fuck.

12/4 Moleskine

  • Haarts
  • Steve
  • bldng moving
  • ruby-farmers market? mez.
  • Clean fridge
  • METAB EMAIL!!!!!!!!
  • conditioner
  • laundry

12/4 Reality

  • Wake up at noon.
  • Try to figure out what the hell ‘Haarts’, ‘Steve’, ‘bldng moving’, and ‘ruby-farmers market? mez.’ means
  • Cannot figure out what I had initially intended, cross off list any way.
  • Facebook. Twitter. In the ‘Cac. Crammys.
  • Crack open refrigerator door. Quickly close. Cross off list.
  • Text friends to see if I can use their fridge to keep my ginger ale cold. I can’t. I drink it any way.
  • Glance at notes for this metabolism email I keep making look important. Cannot remember why it is important, maybe I just got excited when I wrote it. The notes seem fine, and it’s Sunday so my Prof probably won’t check until tomorrow. I’ll send it tomorrow.
  • Check email. Spam, spam, spam. Check Facebook. GIRL FROM MY HIGH SCHOOL IS ENGAGED!
  • Message/text everyone I know about it.
  • Move detergent from shelf to hamper. Find 2 clean pairs of undies in my PJ drawer. Rejoice. Cross off laundry.
  • Jump into the shower and re-remember I have no conditioner. Hair is impossible to brush and dries looking like a tumbleweed.
  • Facebook. Talk with friends about how much homework we have for 45 minutes.
  • Netflix a documentary about orphaned baby girls in China. Immediately fall asleep.

12/6 Moleskine

  • Study for Bio final
  • grocery store!
  • METABOLISM EMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT!*****
  • laundry

12/6 Reality

  • Get out after a long and annoying day of classes. Treat myself to a glass of wine just because.
  • Mope about how Williams does not have stress-relieving dogs during finals period
  • Check Facebook
  • Text man-friend to see if he’s around later. He is. Score.
  • Take Bio textbook off of shelf for first time this semester. Marvel at the in-depth color diagrams.
  • Smoke
  • Marvel at the in-depth color diagrams for another hour or so.
  • Find a Fiber One bar. Cross grocery store off list.
  • Cross metabolism email off list. Whatever.
  • Get a text about a party across campus, rush to get ready
  • Jump in shower, realize I still have no conditioner, resolve to wear hair up tonight.
  • Pick out outfit, realize I haven’t done laundry. Go commando.
  • Drink! Drink! Drink!
  • Man-friend says he is in library. Cry hysterically to all my friends and also to any strangers who might happen to be near me.
  • Go home, write enormously long Crammys post about how partying at Williams sucks
  • ….? did something? I’m sure I did, I just can’t remember what.
  • Suddenly realize I’m watching the sun rise and I should go to bed.

My Moleskine of lies.

Well, kids, I hope I’m not alone on this one, otherwise I’m going to look like a total moron, huh? Well I seem to be doing ok despite my absolute inability to finish anything I list.

Happy Studying,


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