Need a break?

Here is my contribution to all of your procrastination studying. Five videos to take your mind away from all of the stress of these coming weeks.

1) How to Succeed in Business with Hard work and Worldly Contributions

Good old fashioned logic and good old fashioned uninformed protesters #sheep

2) Public Speaking is, like, important?


3) Performing Arts

Dancing is the way into any T.A.’s heart.

4) What NESCAC students could accomplish with free time

Completelyimpressedville, USA. Population: Me

5) All of our Education has actually stifled our creative potential


Good luck fellow hermits, time to crawl back into my shell of a study room and try to figure out why I decided to study Chinese in the first place.

11 thoughts on “Need a break?

    • Is your #hypocrite referring to me or the guy in the video? I’d love to hear your reasoning in a follow up comment since your fortune cookie-esque sentence lacked any substance. #thanksforsharing

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