News from the Front

My room looks like an episode of Hoarders. In one corner sits the pile of laundry I haven’t even considered doing this past week (if it doesn’t smell and if it isn’t stained it’s fair game), and my desk looks like an artist’s sick interpretation of my current mental state—papers, overdue library books, half-full cold cups of coffee, sticky notes and beer cans piled up together in a precarious balance that would make any mother cry.

The library feels like Survivor: TrinGirl Edition. Break out the leggings and Patagonia pullovers—we’re in exam mode here, people! Girls fighting over rights to a media study room last night reminded me of rival wolf packs fighting over some freshly-slaughtered animal, and it feels like the entire campus is running on a collective three hours of sleep.

My e-mail is full of desperate cries soliciting final project presentations with tempting subject lines of, “Come or I won’t Pass,” “I will fail,” and the comparatively cheerful, “PLEASE COME TO OUR PRESENTATION SO I CAN GET A GOOD GRADE!”

To the question, “are you alive?” I can only answer, “define ‘Life’.” To add to this seemingly perfect storm of procrastination, papers, and final presentations, my news feed is currently blowing up with my abroad friends’ post-exam weekend trips to Italy, Prague, and Spain. #firstworldproblems

More fragment thoughts and complaints to follow throughout the week…

*** SIDE NOTE! TRIN! Your shirts are in. If you ordered one a while ago and didn’t get them it’s because we were waiting for a new shipment. Expect them in your mailboxes either tomorrow or Saturday. You can cry into them during your Psych 101 exam or whatever. If you want one, hit up  our  Facebook page.

**EDITOR’S NOTE: Apropos of everything…

Just step wherever

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