Stressed out about exams? Take a moment to paws and relax!

As fall semester classes come to an end, the community service club here at Hamilton called HAVOC (Hamilton Association for Volunteering, Outreach and Charity) hosted a special event featuring some the Rome Humane Society’s homeless dogs and kitties. This organization houses dozens of abandoned and neglected/abused animals from the Rome area (about 30 minutes away from Clinton, Hamilton’s quaint college town…hah jokes about the college town bit).

HAVOC started publicizing the event last weekend, and by midday yesterday all the time-slots created for students to play with the animals had been filled according to a campus email (a.k.a. you should’ve gotten your shizz together and signed up! None of this walk-ins welcome b.s.).

I talked to some of HAVOC members and found out that many other neighboring colleges host a similar event to raise money for these societies and relieve the stress that starts to culminate at the end of the semester (can anyone say, win-win situation?!).

"Rub mah belly. You know you want to..."

"Halt! Who goes there?!"

Ohh heyy, Trevor!

Hopefully these cats and dogs get as much out of play time as we college students do 🙂 And I couldn’t resist this one:

LOL cat: one meme that will never get old.

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