EOQS (Excessively Overdressed Quad Stroll) + Winterfest

Winterfest activities were …. lacking snow this year. But to give PBoard credit, they did dedicate an entire weekend to fun things that Tufts students definitely got involved in – Fan the Fire on Saturday was packed (Go Jumbos!), the Winter Carnival was fun, the Bingo Night I went to Sunday night was also full (although I didn’t win. Anything.) and last night was the final event: Pancakes with President Monaco and ScatterShot in the Campus Center.

Gifford House...we aren't allowed to drink out of plastic water bottles, but President Monaco can use unsustainable decorations ALL NIGHT LONG

Bingo...well played PBoard. Not one of my friends won.

Scattershot! Always exciting. Find them Thursdays at the Burren in Davis Square.

And then Monday night was the EOQS (Excessively Overdressed Quad Stroll). Read about it on the Medford Patch HERE. EOQS was meant to replace our beloved 40 year old tradition of NQR, in which pale and cold and drunk Tufts students run around the quad naked.


As the Bacow years have come to a close, the time for NQR has certainly passed. We must embrace a tradition that suits the British sensibility Anthony Monaco brings with him. Dress classy: suits and dresses are encouraged. Peasants are cold, so stay warm. Running is so passé. How about a dignified stroll? Let’s celebrate final exams in style.Invite your friends!

Unfortch, by 10:45pm everyone was done strolling. There were a few people who ran in the nude body suits, and a few brave souls who wore just running shorts and/or sports bras and underwear (read: Wilderness, TMC, and  XC/track members). Unfortch I do not have those photos available (yet).

There was also an incredible amount of police activity that Tufts students were very clearly not happy about:

To be honest, it probably was totally unnecessary to have the emergency medical teams and various special forces on call. I lied. It WAS completely unnecessary.

Happy finals Jumbos!

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