Ever since the Midd Kid rap took small liberal arts schools by storm one fact has been clear: we heckle, we jeer, we compare admission rates…but at the end of the day we all have one thing in common—The ‘Cac.

Anybody looking to get a job someday will agree that a lot of what happens in The ‘Cac should  stay in The ‘Cac, but why should one school reap the benefits of a hilarious campus prank when the other 10 students bodies would love to procrastinate by looking at pictures?

Got an up and coming band at your campus? Promote it ‘Cac- wide. The ‘Cac is a venue for sharing art of all kinds.

The ‘Cac will repost notable news from the 11 schools in the NESCAC on a daily basis, and generate original content relevant to the ‘Cac lifestyle.

The ‘Cac is also solution oriented.

Campus groups can find ideas for environmental, political, and social events through what has already occurred at other schools, and connect with groups addressing similar issues.

Repping a lifestyle, promoting the best of our campus cultures, sharing ideas—

11 schools, one ‘Cac.

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