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EOQS (Excessively Overdressed Quad Stroll) + Winterfest

Winterfest activities were …. lacking snow this year. But to give PBoard credit, they did dedicate an entire weekend to fun things that Tufts students definitely got involved in – Fan the Fire on Saturday was packed (Go Jumbos!), the Winter Carnival was fun, the Bingo Night I went to Sunday night was also full (although I didn’t win. Anything.) and last night was the final event: Pancakes with President Monaco and ScatterShot in the Campus Center.

Gifford House...we aren't allowed to drink out of plastic water bottles, but President Monaco can use unsustainable decorations ALL NIGHT LONG

Bingo...well played PBoard. Not one of my friends won.

Scattershot! Always exciting. Find them Thursdays at the Burren in Davis Square.

And then Monday night was the EOQS (Excessively Overdressed Quad Stroll). Read about it on the Medford Patch HERE. EOQS was meant to replace our beloved 40 year old tradition of NQR, in which pale and cold and drunk Tufts students run around the quad naked.


As the Bacow years have come to a close, the time for NQR has certainly passed. We must embrace a tradition that suits the British sensibility Anthony Monaco brings with him. Dress classy: suits and dresses are encouraged. Peasants are cold, so stay warm. Running is so passé. How about a dignified stroll? Let’s celebrate final exams in style.Invite your friends!

Unfortch, by 10:45pm everyone was done strolling. There were a few people who ran in the nude body suits, and a few brave souls who wore just running shorts and/or sports bras and underwear (read: Wilderness, TMC, and  XC/track members). Unfortch I do not have those photos available (yet).

There was also an incredible amount of police activity that Tufts students were very clearly not happy about:

To be honest, it probably was totally unnecessary to have the emergency medical teams and various special forces on call. I lied. It WAS completely unnecessary.

Happy finals Jumbos!

Tufts Alums Go Big

We’ve got a female in the personal cabinet of the Prez (that’s Obama, you non-Cac’ers), and now we’ve got Time Warner Inc. on Nov. 30 naming Laura Lang the chief executive officer of Time Inc. She’s honored among our list of successful alumnus that includes Scott Brown (MA Senator), Roy Raymond (Victoria’s Secret), and others. For a good list, look no further than Wikipedia HERE.

To quote from the Tufts Daily article: “She joins Time from her position as global CEO of Digitas, the largest digital marketing agency in the world. In 2007, she was named one of Advertising Age’s Women to Watch, and has also been honored by Women’s Business Boston. Lang graduated with an M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.”

BAM! Congratulations Laura!

#NQR (To All Tufts Students: Update to Code of Conduct)

our beloved NQR tradition has officially been slaughtered, thrust to the ground with one single last blow as alcohol seeps from it

to quote from the Daily:

“Dean of Student Affairs Bruce Reitman sent an email to students and their families yesterday explaining that any student who participates in the Naked Quad Run (NQR) this year will face suspension for the spring 2012 semester.”

so now that that’s over and done with (make sure your parents got the “safe” email!), Barry Krakow (defense.of.jumbo@gmail.com) had some remarks to make about it, because everyone knows how well middle aged bureaucracy responds to sarcasm:

 Dear Tufts Students,

I am writing to inform you of a new threat to the safety of our ideal
and chaste campus.  It has come to my attention, and the attention of
the Board of Trustees, that certain groups of students are
participating in daily or near-daily activities that they refer to as

These “showers” involve students stripping fully naked and pouring
water over themselves while standing on slippery tiles, often at early
hours of the morning or late hours of the night.  On weekends,
students are often intoxicated or hung-over, posing an even greater
personal risk. A particularly malicious form of shower is the
“couple’s shower,” in which, in violation of social mores and
University protocols, students shower together.

The Super-Secret Student/Faculty Committee on Un-Tuftsy Activities, in
cooperation with the Permanent Subcommittee on Things That Would Make
Jumbo Cry, has agreed to consider including a ban of the “shower” in
the student Code of Conduct for the School of Arts, Sciences and
Engineering, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the School
of Arts and Crafts.  If passed, the Code would state that any student
caught showering or suspected of showering will face a one-semester
disciplinary suspension from Tufts.  We recommend the purchase of
hooded, waterproof jackets, as it is up to the discretion of the
administration how much rain counts as a shower, weathermen be damned.

I am asking for your cooperation and good judgment.  Showering is not
worth any of you jeopardizing your academic record at the University.

The possible risks of showering far outweigh the benefits.  Reports
have shown a positive correlation between Sexually Transmitted
Infections, general cleanliness, and showers (especially couple’s
showers).  University administrators, faculty, and public safety
officials worry more about student safety related to this activity
than anything else.  Students may express disgust at the smell of
their classmates, but I assure you: you’ll get used to it.

The TCU Meteorological Committee reports that it may snow during the
exciting and storied Tufts tradition of WinterFest.  Natural
precipitation during WinterFest is not meant to replace showering, and
it will be subject to the restrictions on total body hydration.

We know some students may wonder if the University is serious about
enforcing the decision of the Committees.  We are.  Showering is a
threat to society, and we will try to help lead you away from
temptation by arresting and suspending you so that you avoid the
permanent record that results from arrest and suspension. Yes, you
read that correctly.


Barry Krakow

Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, and Co-Chair, Permanent Subcommittee
on Things That Would Make Jumbo Cry

BEWARE OF THE SHOWERS. let’s not lose any Tufts students to the showers.

that being said, you can totes run ANYWAY at these events that are a bit altered but still sound AWESOME, and hopefully you won’t get suspended:

EOQS: Excessively Overdressed Quad Run

NNQR: Never Nude Quad Run

TUSC Presents: Brown and Blue Day (and Jumbo Sports Roundup!)

Break out your finest Brown and Blue Tufts gear on Thursday, and stop by the Campus Center Upper Patio between 11 and 3 for free food, giveaways, music, and even a mechanical bull.

The first 150 Brown and Blue wearing people there will receive free Tufts tee shirts or hats courtesy of TUSC.

Sounds like a pretty good time, right?

But there’s more…

The three most decked out Jumbos will WIN IPOD SHUFFLES!

So come out, wear Brown and Blue, and show your Tufts Spirit!

hit up @TuftsSPIRIT for more info!

Hit below the jump for sports results from this weekend! See you at the Campus Center!

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Kendall Lord Named NESCAC Co-Player (of the year, son!)

No one can say Tufts sports aren’t dominant – they may not be all the time, but we’ve definitely got our fair share of amazing athletes. Kendall Lord is one of them, being recently named a NESCAC co-player of the year. She averaged 11.06 assists per set, broke Tufts’ all-time assists record, and is the first Jumbo since 2009 to be named a NESCAC player of the year.


Here are some stats from the Daily: “Lord has averaged a NESCAC−best 10.61 assists a set this season, playing in all 111 of Tufts’ frames during the fall. She’s also stayed disciplined on defense, averaging over three digs a set, which is third on the team behind seniorsecond−team All−NESCAC honorees libero Audrey Kuan and co−captain Cara Spieler. Lord also is one of the top servers in the conference, with 49 aces on the season an average of 0.44 per set — good for 10th in the NESCAC. She’s second on the team in total blocks, behind Kuhel.”


Source: http://www.tuftsdaily.com/sports/good-lord-setter-named-nescac-co-player-of-the-year-1.2668650#.Trw1CWDhPe5

Bill Clinton Becomes a Jumbo for A Night

Last night, President Clinton came to Tufts to speak at the Fares Lecture. He headlined the Issam M. Fares Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies’ 10th anniversary lecture, which was fitting as he helped cut the ribbon in 2001.
President Clinton joked about being old, how he’s part neanderthal, and how his wife has a traveling job so he can now watch sports on TV all day, but he also had some pretty powerful things to say, the most popular ending up on twitter:
“Nobody can take your future away from you, but you can take it away from yourself.” Clinton #fareslecture
“large numbers of people + technology = great power, but we’ve only just scratched the surface” #FaresLecture
But he also emphasized dialogue and peace. “We should be friends and not enemies..the most important thing in a crisis is to get up and find something we can do that will make a positive difference, focusing on how to do something”. He did not refer directly to the Occupy Movement but did note that being part of the 1% means having a “citizen’s responsibility” to take on higher taxes.
He urged students to remain optimistic and not be in denial about reform: we need good government and a strong economy to work together and we must reform our systems and not withdraw from the world. He entered with a standing ovation and exited with an even stronger one.
However, Tufts students entered in what was a literal clusterfuck on the steps of Gantcher – the entrance was a mess, and while it wasn’t a shoving crowd, it was definitely an impatient one. I hope that in coming years, Tufts will reorganize the entrance and create a more efficient system. All in all, a great night!

5700 people + 7 metal detectors = failure

Shapes of Light @ Tufts

So there’s a duo (Andrew Berman and Nicolas Russo-Larsson) at Tufts who produce music and all that jazz. They’ve been rocking parties at Crafts (Kraftz?) House and ATO recently, and have been releasing songs on their Soundcloud. Like EDM and dubstep? Check ’em out.

The M Machine – Promise Me a Rose Garden (Shapes of Light Bootleg Remix):

Dirty South & Thomas Gold feat. Kate Elsworth – Alive (Shapes of Light “Dead or Alive” Bootleg Rmx):

Check out their Facebook and Twitter!