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It’s finals week. You know what that means. Find any possible distraction to help avoid actually studying for finals. Most people resort to Hulu for a quick catchup on last week’s new episode of Community or maybe even a little Youtube action for some hilarious idiots who have even LESS of a life to have time to make up that crap.

I digress.

It happened last night. I was studying for my human neuropsychology exam when my mind started to wander (coincidentally, one of the topics I had to know for this morning’s exam… HAH) and my fingers found themselves typing “F-A-C-E-B-O-O-K” into the search browser.

My newsfeed popped up and a list of “similar posts” that all had to do with this one website appeared: quickmeme.com. Within this link was embedded “Hamilton Hypocrite” (see http://www.quickmeme.com/Hamilton-Hypocrite/?upcoming for all the amazing sarcasm, irony, and hypocrisy). All the posts were relatively intriguing, so I had to check it out. I clicked the link and up popped a couple of these “memes” (e.g., LOLcats).

Side note: for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term meme I am here to help since I learned all about them in my evolution and human behavior psych elective last semester! Defined as “the basic unit of culture transmission, or imitation” or “an element of culture that may be considered to be passed on by non-genetic means,” memes are essentially ideas that are transferred from one person to another (e.g., via the internet) and the evolve by imitation or mutation if we want to get biological. They are analogous to genes in that they “self-replicate, mutate, and respond to selective pressures” much like natural selection (THANKS M.J. FREDERICK, my ev psych professor, and WIKIPEDIA!).

So this morning I wake up and there are even more of these meme-related facebook posts. Last night when I spotted this absurd trend on facebook, there was a single page. That page grew to 6 pages. That was as of midnight last night.

I did some research and discovered that as of this morning at 11 am there are now 21 pages of these ridiculous meme creations. Goes to show you how much time Hamilton College students really have on their hands during finals… or maybe the lack-of?

I have also realized that these Hamilton-related meme creations are very insightful to the inner-workings of the culture here, and so I thought I’d share some of them here…

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All I can say is, the Hamilton community has quite a lot of time on their hands during finals week.

Stressed out about exams? Take a moment to paws and relax!

As fall semester classes come to an end, the community service club here at Hamilton called HAVOC (Hamilton Association for Volunteering, Outreach and Charity) hosted a special event featuring some the Rome Humane Society’s homeless dogs and kitties. This organization houses dozens of abandoned and neglected/abused animals from the Rome area (about 30 minutes away from Clinton, Hamilton’s quaint college town…hah jokes about the college town bit).

HAVOC started publicizing the event last weekend, and by midday yesterday all the time-slots created for students to play with the animals had been filled according to a campus email (a.k.a. you should’ve gotten your shizz together and signed up! None of this walk-ins welcome b.s.).

I talked to some of HAVOC members and found out that many other neighboring colleges host a similar event to raise money for these societies and relieve the stress that starts to culminate at the end of the semester (can anyone say, win-win situation?!).

"Rub mah belly. You know you want to..."

"Halt! Who goes there?!"

Ohh heyy, Trevor!

Hopefully these cats and dogs get as much out of play time as we college students do 🙂 And I couldn’t resist this one:

LOL cat: one meme that will never get old.

My motivation…

I think they strategically place the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show at the beginning of December not only because they can generate insane amounts of cash-money due to holiday (not Christmas… because I’m super P.C.) sales but because they know it’s that time of year when us women whip out the ugly sweaters and the Ugg boots, covering up any last glimpse of what figure we acquired over the summer and early months of fall. We then let evolution take charge as we start to consume that food that may not be cohesive to a tight ass or skinny legs, but we say:

“Fuck it, not like anyone will be seeing my killer bod for the next few months, so I’ll eat this slice of pizza and work out later.”

Key word: later.

So that “later” turns into “tomorrow” which becomes “next week” only leading to, you guessed it! “next month” or even worse, “next spring,” just in time for SPRING BREAK ’12!! But let’s be real. Those hours at the gym in a month or two really can’t make up for all the ice cream and cookies you decided to eat because you were “hungry.”

The VS Fashion Show essentially slams the brakes on this runaway train that is our lack of self-control and makes us check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.

"Yeah it's cold but I'm so hot"

And for all of us up here in the ‘Cac when the winter season becomes oh-so-depressing and cold, this is an extra-special wake-up call to double-check that brownie you just grabbed on the way out of Commons or that piece of pie in a cup that I KNOW you just snatched from McEwen and ask yourself:

Dear Self,

How do you think Miranda Kerr landed Orlando Bloom AND the fantasy bra? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Just put the coconut-cream pie down and walk away slowly and no one will get hurt. I promise. 

Love, Your Body

So next time you’re craving something sugary or salty or deep-fried, just remind yourself. How do you think Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, and Alessandra Ambrosio look that good?



Today was a big day: I relinquished my rights to facebook and am on an indefinite break from what some may call an “unhealthy relationship.”

This evening, I had my youngest sister change my facebook password so I am essentially locked out of the bottomless black hole that is the ‘book. Since approximately 6:45 PM EST, I have attempted to log into facebook around 10-15 times (eventually realizing that it might be beneficial to change my homepage from facebook.com to something more mundane, such as google) because let’s be real. I’m a huge facebook creep and I can’t help myself from stalking all my “friends'” status updates and muploads from last weekend.

With the final weeks of classes quickly approaching and finals week racing towards us ‘Cac-ers, I figured I might as well stop wasting my life facebooking and try to enjoy my Thanksgiving break and Turkey Day like I know best: drinking (and fighting) with the fam, spending mommy and daddy’s hard earned money, and eating massive amounts of home cooked food (this is yet to be seen at my household).

Anyway, the reasons behind this RADICAL change in lifestyle go beyond my nerd-dom and my incessant (and sometimes compulsive) need to constantly be working and/or studying. I realized that every time I go on the internet I find myself surfing my newsfeed for ~10 minutes before I remind myself that I went on my computer to actually do something… or did I?…

These lapses in time started to accumulate, and they became progressively longer, until I legitimately was facebooking like a fat kid eats: compulsively and without any self-control. I then asked myself this afternoon, “What exactly am I doing with my life?” as I’m sure many ‘Cac-ers do. Enough was enough, I said as I was putting the finishing touches on my neuropsychology paper at the dining table. I bbm-ed my sister from the kitchen (of course, she was a floor away in her bedroom. Funny how technology has led us down such a solitary road…) and made an executive decision. I wirelessly-uttered those 3 words via bbm: CHANGE MY PASSWORD.

And so it was done.

To Mark Zuckerberg, I have this to say:

It isn’t you, It’s me. We had a good run and I’ll always remember all the good times we had. We just need some time apart. I need to figure my ish out, you know?  I still want to be friends…

And so, as of tonight I am officially off facebook.

… We’ll see how long this lasts. #facebookproblems