Some good to share

Our school-wide “Fill-a-Truck” food drive (proceeds of which go to the Amherst Survival Center) is coming to an end this Wednesday. It’s part of President Obama’s “Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge” that Amherst has taken on. Thinking about and taking part in the drive (my teammates and I recently cleaned out a local Big-Y of it’s tomato sauce) made me 1) want to tell any Amherst kids who haven’t already donated peanut butter or canned chicken to do so ASAP and 2) to appreciate that students still help out the community even when there isn’t a 20 hour requirement to be fulfilled, like in high school.

Photo by Elodie Reed (Modeling by Super Hawt Teammates)

I’ve seen the collection sites all around campus – there’s a pretty good stock of canned goods at each one, and I continue to walk past people putting in their donations each day. It’s pretty awesome.

Should have known

So about three or four months ago I posted about Photojojo, a website/company I’m seriously in love with. Well…sitting in Val dining hall the other day – after giving up on the fairly inedible food – I was reading through the stack of table tents in front of me  (do other schools advertise for events that way too? It makes for a great I’m-eating-alone-and-need-something-to-do activity) and saw one about an Amherst alum, Amit Gupta, who turns out to have started Photojojo! Bomb! He also started the DailyJoltJelly, (a casual-work-together-planner), and likes dinosaurs. What a man.

All Photojojo purchases come with a little companion... (Photo by Elodie Reed)

‘Cac problems



Coffee machine vocabulary***


*Really? Because I just wanted to wipe this chowder off my face.
**Russia looks too small, this must be outdated.
***If you can read this you don’t need the caffeine…
****This little guy made it up two flights of stairs and down the hall into my bedroom, which is more than I can say for myself (usually).

Autumn at Amherst: In Pictures

Don't eat the berries

Squirrels: biggest sluts on campus

Tis the season for mud. And running through it.

i.e. this

last chance quad weather

Best view on the bus

Fawl E. Adge

Gotta keep Mr. Frost warm and in good spirits

It is raining leaves. Guess we should put on our Hunter boots. #blackandoliveblackandolive

Fall light.


Too early for everything

Too soon for something