Stuff NESCAC Students Like

We’re a diverse bunch, but we like to think there are some great unifiers:

  1. The American Revolution
  2. dubstep
  3. Jersey Shore re-runs
  4. Come on Eileen- Dexy’s Midnight Runners
  5. Subscribing to one newspaper or intellectual magazine…but only one
  6. Micro- trips abroad (i.e. 5 days in Paris)
  7. Free t-shirts, free pizza, and community service…combined
  8. getting tickets to things
  9. cereal
  10. attention seeking behavior in the dining hall
  11. learning how to dance from YouTube
  12. political scandal and crappy mainstream music
  13. parodies of political scandal and crappy mainstream music
  14. debit cards
  15. Taylor Swift
  16. black and white photography
  17. energy efficient lightbulbs
  18. bake sales
  19. pesto
  20. drinking
  21. quoting movies from the 80’s and 90’s
  22. Kanye West
  23. fledgling white rappers
  24. sporty profile pictures
  25. crew neck sweatshirts
  26. Boston
  27. abbreviating things
  28. Mark Zuckerberg
  29. winning
  30. commemorative sunglasses
  31. blaming our parents
  32. tosh.0
  33. fleece
  34. saying that we “turned something down”
  35. acapella
  36. mash- ups
  37. spandex
  38. inside jokes (get it?!)
  39. plaid
  40. flavored seltzer
  41. aspiring to tailgate maybe sometime when the weather is warmer
  42. the History Channel
  43. intramurals
  44. knowing the weather in advance=> talking about it=>complaining about it
  45. hooking up speakers
  46. bbm- ing
  47. exercise balls
  48. NYC
  49. the combination pantry/ study carrel
  50. The Snuggy  (from a purely marketing perspective)
  51. collared shirts
  52. that scene from Ferris Bueller when he’s dancing on the float
  53. going to the gym
  54. nicknames
  55. Summer Girls- LFO
  56. MGMT

18 thoughts on “Stuff NESCAC Students Like

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    • Here are the parts of the list Wesleyan students like:
      1. Free t-shirts, free pizza, and community service…combined
      2. getting tickets to things
      3. parodies of political scandal and crappy mainstream music
      4. drinking
      5. Boston
      6. acapella
      7. inside jokes (get it?!)
      8. plaid
      9. exercise balls
      10. NYC
      11. the combination pantry/ study carrel
      12. going to the gym
      13. MGMT

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  4. Things Conn Kids Like:

    1. bitterness
    2. The 3 warm days of the year
    3. Dubra/Rubinoff
    4. MV/ACK/The Cape
    5. (paid) internships
    6. Club Hockey vs. Coast Guard
    7. self-scheduled exams
    8. boat shoes
    9. The Ridge Apartments (makes us feel like we go to a school that parties)
    10. NYC/Boston (and corresponding sports teams)
    11. Prep School/the PG year

    • Stuff Bowdoin Students Like:
      1. shitting on Bates/Colby…we are obviously SO much smarter than them
      2. All Boston-based sports teams (Sox, Bruins, Pats)
      3. defending our weird mascot (the polar bears…really?!)
      4. jersey chasing
      5. the boot and rally
      6. Super snacks

      • your weird mascot? yes, the white polar bear. so exotic. My mascot doesn’t even exist without several gallons of spray paint and a blind eye from PETA.

      • Here is a better list of things Bowdoin students like:

        #1. Pinnies with inside jokes on them
        #2. Mentoring underprivileged (read: public school) children on Friday afternoons (usually while hungover)
        #3. Sunday brunch
        #4. Super snacks
        #5. Bragging about Bowdoin dining
        #6. Bowdoin Security (shout-out to Randy)
        #7. Pretending to be outdoorsy (especially signing up for the Outing Club all four years and only ever going on Pre-O)
        #8. LLBean (especially late-nights, parents weekend, and all flannel ever)
        #9. jortz
        #10. Basements
        #11. The fact that alcohol is not permitted in Watson Arena
        #12. Drunken thievery
        #13. Saferide
        #13a. Complaining about Saferide being slow
        #14. Racer-X
        #15. Free Plan B

    • Shitty list, mcshaq, how did you get your job?

      Things Conn kids like, in no particular order:

      1. PBR
      2. ‘Gansett tall boys
      3. Smoking weed in the arboretum
      4. Smoking weed on the Green
      5. self-scheduled exams
      6. Club Hockey vs. Coast Guard
      7. Having the Camel as a mascot (best NESCAC mascot?)
      8. Comparing our school to other NESCACS
      9. Being from right outside of Boston
      10. Not being from right outside of Boston
      11. J. Crew
      12. Norm’s Diner
      13. Winchesters (but not this year)
      14. Being divisive
      15. Not talking in class (with honorable mention to some people for not shutting the fuck up in class)
      16. Floor parties
      17. Jungle Juice
      18. Going to the gym – particularly, driving to the gym
      19. All the lovely student run cafes 🙂
      20. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
      21. New London
      22. Festivus
      23. Plaid
      24. Cro Pizza
      25. Polo Hats
      26. Long Boards
      27. Long breaks

  5. Things Tufts students like… (in random order)
    1. Being part of the 1% but loving the 99%
    2. Boston/Davis Square
    3. Alcohol
    4. Weed
    5. Jumbo (definitely the best mascot in the cac)
    6. Diversity (or pretending, at least)
    7. Sports (LOLJK)
    8. International Relations
    9. Hannukah
    10. A capella… actually just the ‘Bubs
    11. Debating which dining hall is better
    12. Complaining about NQR being cancelled.
    13. The Ivy League
    14. Bon Iver
    15. Thinking Bon Iver is too mainstream
    16. LLBean
    17. Community Service
    18. Doing Sudoku in the Daily
    19. Studying abroad
    20. TEMS- a bit too much.

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