Write for us

Want to write for The ‘Cac?                                                                      

What happens in The 'Cac...

Send a resume and 3 writing samples to InTheCac@gmail.com as well as the most creative way you have ever used a Solo cup. Let us know what position(s) you’re applying for in the subject line.

Positions open:


-Art Writer (visual art, fashion, sculpture, street art)

                -this will be heavily photo based, must be familiar with Sartorialist format, good photography skills, descriptive language in 140 characters or less if you catch our drift, commitment flexible

-Music Writer (up and coming artists on campus, popular songs on campus, songs that should be popular on campus, best party music, playlists)

                -music fiends please, eclectic taste and knowledge, must upload or reblog videos daily, full length article weekly (500- 800 words)

-Sports Writer

                -familiarity with NESCAC teams, ability to write about any sport but expertise welcome, daily reblogs or short updates, full length article weekly (500- 800 words)  Stool aficionados welcome.


Original content weekly, one short (300- 500) piece and one full- length (500- 800,) must have your finger firmly on the pulse of campus culture (and not just mainstream,) think Vanity Fair and New Yorker, this is also the area to reblog relevant news daily


Put your big mouth to good use. Weekly full- length commitment (500- 800.) We don’t care who you are, your opinion must be relevant.


Artsy, newsy, funny, ironic, a picture is worth a thousand words! We don’t care about the quality of your camera, but photos should look fly. This is a daily commitment.

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